The Foundation

The Foundation for Mediterranean Studies (FMS) was established in 1983 by Presidential Decree. It is an autonomous, non-profit and non-governmental institution supervised by the Ministries of Culture and of Finance. Its main objective is to promote research in the field of international relations, social sciences and humanities. Its main focus is the Mediterranean region, the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe.

The main areas of activity of the FMS include:

  • the realization of research projects and studies
  • the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars 
  • the production, elaboration and dissemination of specialized information on various topics
  • publications (in print and electronic)
  • the provision of library services to other research and academic institutions, as well as to individual scholars and students
  • the participation in international networks and the establishment of new co-operations
  • the promotion of scientific and academic exchanges in the broader Mediterranean region.

The loan library of the FMS consists of a large international collection of books (approximately 8500 titles), as well as a quite impressive range of journals and periodicals (approximately 220 titles), covering a wide spectrum of subjects.


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